Toy Story: Taken

I worked with Toonocracy on this project. At this point I had worked with Toonocracy for awhile on a series of short videos. This however was longer than anything I had helped them with before so I was excited for the new territory and challenges.

The goal of this project was to make a hilarious parody mashup of the movies Taken and Toy Story 3.

Toonocracy tasked me with designing the characters for this short. I had to make each character look more "mature" in nature and appearance; as if they had all fallen on hard times and had to adapt to survive. For example I gave Woody a classic, rugged, Clint Eastwood feel. Potato Head was based closely on Danny Treja, and I gave Rex a Jesse Pinkman feel (He tries to look cool but we all know he's a clumsy dork). Buzz is a direct reference to all of the modern (ridiculously tricked out) Transformers movies, Ham is based off of his alter ego "Evil Doctor Pork Chop", and I tried to give Jessie an ambiguous stone cold killer vibe.

In addition to designing the characters visually, I rigged each and every of of them using Adobe Flash. I then sent the rigs over to the animators for use.

Overall is was a lot of fun to take these characters and make them into something they are the opposite of. It was an exciting challenge and I'm glad I got to be a part of this project.

Characters and Props: