Effervescent is a small, simple, parallaxing arcade style game where your goal is to pop as many bubbles as you can while avoiding hazards of the sea.

It is currently available on iOS and Anrdoid.

Not long ago my partner, Skye Hagberg, started his own indie game company called Cracked Mountain Games. He and I partnered up to make the company's first game "Effervescent".  I created all of the artwork while Skye doubled as both the designer and developer.

Cracked Mountain Games is currently working hard on planning its next step forward.

To  learn more about Cracked Mountain Games, click the link below:


My Role

It was my job to figure out what Skye wanted visually for the game and to translate his ideas into art and assets.

Once Skye had figured out the type of game he wanted to make, and that he wanted it to take place under the ocean, we started collaborating closely to figure out how to bring his vision to life. We discussed many different art styles and themes, and ultimately he decided that he wanted a "semi-realistic" style with some stylized elements. Not quite in the realm of photo-realism per say, but realistic enough to where it would be believable to possibly see elements from the game in the real world.

To strike a balance between realism and imagination I chose to keep the landscapes and creatures based in reality, while exaggerating the characteristics of those elements. For example the eels look especially nasty, with their long teeth, gnarled faces and leery eyes. The bubbles look like they could be average bubbles, however their colors are pushed to give them an extra pop. The landscapes themselves also have unique color schemes that usually consist of basic complementary color schemes to give them a more dreamy feel. I tried to keep my attention to detail, texture, and lighting high, but I used a rougher brush to give it that painterly feel so as to avoid that photo-realism look.

All in all I'm really happy with what we achieved. Again, this game was, more than anything, a learning experience for all that were involved and we really did learn a lot. I'm excited to work with Cracked Mountain Games on their next project!